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Composite Mesh

Composite mesh: composite material based on composite bars

Composite mesh is the material that is used in construction work. As composite reinforcement, the mesh has a long service life and resistance to aggressive environments. It is not susceptible to corrosion and has life span more than 80 years. You can use the material even in a severe climate.

Features of the Composite Mesh

Composite mesh can be divided into two categories:

  • basalt plastic;
  • GRP.

Basalt plastic products are made on the basis of basalt fibers. Each element of the mesh consists of basalt fibers bonded with polymers. Fiberglass mesh, as well as fiberglass reinforcement, is used mainly to strengthen the building and strengthen the foundations. This is a reliable material that can be used at a temperature of -70 to +100 degrees.

You can order a mesh of different widths and lengths, depending on the features of the construction object. The material is supplied in sheets and rolls. The manufacturer guarantees the perfect geometry of the products.

Mesh production

The production of fiberglass reinforcement and mesh is the main activity of "Armastek" Company. The company has developed this unique technology, which is gaining popularity today. The material of the brand "Armastek" is used:

  • to strengthen the walls of concrete and brick;
  • to make the floors and beams in the house more durable and light;
  • to strengthen other structures.

Unlike steel, the composite does not conduct heat and current, does not corrode, does not break down in alkaline environment. Therefore, over time, concrete and steel products on the basis of such a mesh are not destroyed. On concrete slabs there are no cracks and other defects.

The buyer can order products directly from Armastek. We work individually with each customer. You can choose not only the dimensions of the entire mesh, but also the size of the cells in the products. For a specific type of construction work, you can select the appropriate mesh.

"Armastek" offers products of European quality. The company has European certificates that confirm the high quality of the products.

The new building material meets high standards and modern construction standards.

Why people choose Armastek

  1. Patented technology
  2. Dense spiraling with angle more than 70 degrees which provides better adhesion with concrete.
  3. More than 10 years on the market

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