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Basalt Mesh

When reinforcing objects during construction, you can use modern material - basalt mesh. Like composite reinforcement, this mesh is made of non-metallic fibers. It comes in rolls and provides excellent results in strengthening the structure of the building. Basalt mesh differs from steel analogues.

Advantages of Basalt Fiber Mesh:

  • heat nonconductive
  • lightweight
  • resistant to aggressive environments and temperature changes
  • significantly cheaper than steel analogues

Basalt mesh is used:

  • in masonry works;
  • for reinforcement of the plaster layer
  • for reinforcing floors in living areas
  • in the construction of roads, hydraulic structures, aerodromes

The product is the newest building material. The mesh does not conduct heat, does not break down from corrosion, alkalis, and exposure of freezing temperatures. Like fiberglass reinforcement, the life span of basalt-based mesh is more than 80 years. The manufacturer produces such products using a unique technology.

The products are characterized by their precise dimensions and ideal geometry.

Production of Materials

The production of fiberglass reinforcement and basalt meshes is the main activity of Armastek. The company creates a unique building material according to its own technology. The products undergo strict quality control - the company maintains the status of a reliable manufacturer.

Basalt mesh:

  • environmentally friendly;
  • simple in installation.

It is used to strengthen the load capacity, strengthen the joints of the masonry, beams, ceilings, buckles. When reinforcing structures that are exposed to chemical action, it is better to use this material - it is resistant to aggressive environment.

In "Armastek" Company you can order products at a competitive price. The mesh is offered by the manufacturer, so the cost for the products is quite democratic. The specialists of the company will help you in ordering and will offer mesh parameters for your construction project.

Why people choose Armastek

  1. Patented technology
  2. Dense spiraling with angle more than 70 degrees which provides better adhesion with concrete.
  3. More than 10 years on the market

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