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Wire-mesh reinforcement

Wire-mesh reinforcement is one of the products of Armastek company. The structure of the material is formed by perpendicularly fastened rods which makes strong mesh aimed to application in conditions of heavy mechanical loads and chemically aggressive environments. So, the intended use of wire-mesh reinforcement is formation of strong carcass of construction, connection and fastening of elements of construction.

Wire-mesh reinforcement came into common use because of its special features. Using of composite materials in general gives a lot of advantages such as:

  • Reduce the crack formation
  • Non corrosive (even in the conditions of high temperatures and moisture)
  • Minimization of vibrations and loads
  • Lack of cold bridges
  • Energy efficiency and others

So, wire-mesh is implemented in

  • Construction of monolithic and precast concrete structures
  • Brickworks and decorative facing (with marble and stone)
  • Installation of concrete floor
  • Road construction
  • Agricultural objects, garden and backyard arrangement

Wire-mesh reinforcement is used in different sizes for solution of these and many other tasks.

Have our own production facility and producing the products in accordance to patented technology tested by time we are offering a wide range of composite products. Here you can buy wire-mesh reinforcement of high quality and affordable price.

Why people choose Armastek

  1. Patented technology
  2. Dense spiraling with angle more than 70 degrees which provides better adhesion with concrete.
  3. More than 10 years on the market

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