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The fiber is used for reinforcement of concrete. Its sence is that the distribution of the material occurs evenly throughout the mortar, and the type of used mixture does not affect the overall quality of the process. Because of the negative experience in this area, concrete reinforcement seems to be a rather complicated process, but the most important thing here is the right choice of material, and the fiber is a universal solution.

Increasing the strength and durability of the mortar causes a "monolithic" surface after casting the concrete.

The equilibrium distribution of the component throughout the mortar allows to carry out, the reinforcement in the best way.

Increasing the overall characteristics of concrete, so that it can withstand even colossal loads.

Lack of lumps in the ready-made mortar, due to which it is easier to fill and hardens faster.

It spreads rapidly over the entire surface of the concrete, therefore, the full process is much faster.

Aesthetics. Fibers, although are visible at first, are lost due to solidification of concrete, and the surface acquires a fairly good appearance.

Versatility. Fibers can be used for reinforcing absolutely all mortars. That is why the component is often used in the construction industry.

Reducing the risk of cracking by 90%. Many constructors are well aware of the fact that any coating can crack over time, that is why its continued use will be irrational. Fiber almost completely removes this unpleasant factor.

Saving money. The fibers of this material are not an expensive component, hence they are available to everyone.

Saves time. Fibers has unsurpassed characteristics, due to which the work with them is carried out in a matter of minutes.


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