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Basalt fiber


Dispersed reinforcement of cement matrix with basalt fiber has significant advantages in comparison with reinforcement with steel fiber: no corrosion, much less relative density , radiolucency, better adhesion to the matrix, increased plasticity of the matrix and prevention of cracking.

The use of basalt fiber instead of polypropylene one allows solving the following problems: low tensile strength and modulus of elasticity, large variation in properties, high coefficient of fiber elongation and low temperature resistance.

In case of adding basalt fiber to the cement mixture in an amount of 1 to 3% (depending on the field of application), you can achieve the following benefits:

  • increase in bending strength by half
  • significant increase in compressive strength
  • prevention of active shrinkage phenomena and cracking
  • exclusion of delamination of concrete mixture
  • increase of surface resistance to abrasion (up to 60%)
  • increase of impact strength of floors 3-5 times
  • reduction of the protective cover of the reinforcement
  • Improving the adhesion of the plaster solution to the base
  • increase in frost resistance

Areas of application and recommendations for the consumption and type of basaltic fiber

  • Mixing of basalt fiber with cement mortar Floor cement screed in civil construction: 1% of cement mass at V / C 0.45, fiber 17-19 microns, 15.9 mm;
  • The installation of industrial floors on a ground together with armature: 2% from weight of cement, a fiber 17-19 microns, 25,4 mm;
  • Finishing mortars: 0,6% of the binder by weight, fiber 17 microns, 12,7 mm;
  • Installation of foundation: up to 3% of the mass of cement, fiber 17-19 microns, 25.4 mm;
  • Production of paving slabs or pavestones: 1.5% of the mass of cement;
  • Production of autoclaved aerated concretes: up to 1.5% of cement mass, fiber 17 microns, 15.9 mm.


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