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Make the right choice when buying reinforcement

Manufacture and application of innovative building materials is a field of activity where the violation of the Legislation on rights and the supply of counterfeit products to the market are most often observed.

Common violations:

  1. Composition of products. Use cheap non-alkali-resistant roving; no special plasticizers are added to the composition of the compound.
  2. Density of products. Visually, it may seem that the product according to geometric parameters corresponds to the purchasing documentation, in fact, it does not have a tightly crosslinked matrix, which affects the physical and mechanical properties of the reinforcement.
  3. Actually supplied diameter of the reinforcement to the object. As a rule, products are not measured at the site. Usually if you buy a product with a low price, the product has a deviation of 0.5-1 mm from the declared. Upon detection, the manufacturer refers to internal regulations and claims that this deviation is in tolerances.
  4. Angle and pitch of winding. Affects adhesion to concrete. The higher the angle of coiling, the better the adhesion.
  5. Declared production capacity. The company can announce short production period, but in fact they have minimal capacity, or do not have it. Delivery is carried out by buying products from different manufacturers

In conclusion we would like to add that SPC Armastek has 11-year experience in the production and sale of GFRP, 7 years long we deal with export.

Our GFRP is certified and patented. This reinforcement is manufactured by its own unique technology.

We guarantee the high quality of our products and we suggest you to use Armastek GFRP in the execution of your construction works.