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Our History

Today "Armastek" Company is one of the largest manufacturers of composite reinforcement in Russia. The company produces fiberglass reinforcement and construction mesh on its own industrial sites. The company was based in 2007, when mainly traditional steel reinforcement was used in the construction.

"Armastek" offers an analogue of steel reinforcement, which exceeds the metal by its strength characteristics and allows building lighter buildings. In the 10 years since the company was based it has been able to sell products for the construction of hundreds of important facilities.

Group of companies "Armastek"

"Armastek" is a group of companies located in different cities of Russia. One of the companies operates in Europe. Fiberglass reinforcement is produced in Perm and Rostov-on-Don. The head office is in Perm. The organization also has sales offices in 15 countries. About 40 organizations successfully sell brand products. Fiberglass composite reinforcement is supplied to the Russian and foreign markets.

Every month the production of fiberglass reinforcement reaches 3 million linear meters. The demand for the products is quite high.

Manufacture and application of innovative building materials is the area where the violation of the Legislation on the rights and the supply of counterfeit products to the market are most often observed. Products manufactured illegally can be produced with a violation of technology and, consequently, have technical characteristics that do not match the claimed.

The absence of quality control of raw materials, materials and manufacturing technology from illicit producers leads to the appearance of "hidden" defects, which cannot be determined by the end consumer.

The use of such materials in construction can lead to serious incidents, up to the destruction of building structures.

Armastek is a developer of a unique technology, has patents for the production of reinforcement and the mesh. Our company is a legal manufacturer that guarantees high quality products.

Quality certificates

"Armastek" composite reinforcement has European certificates, which confirm the high quality of the products. In the manufacturing of fiberglass reinforcement, quality control is carried out at each stage. Employees strictly follow the developed technology.

Due to the availability of European certificates, the company attracts customers from different countries. The products are already sold in the USA, Europe, Latin America, Africa and Asia. Every year, the demand for the products only grows - developers are interested in minimizing costs during construction.

Fiberglass reinforcement is three times stronger than steel resistance and is resistant to corrosion. This results in a long service life. Innovative building material is used to work with different objects. It has proven itself and gained confidence in various industries.


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