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Russian Equipment Works in Thailand

Technical specialists of “Armastek” Company have installed and commissioned the equipment for the production of composite reinforcement at Thailand factory.

The work was carried out in accordance with the Memorandum of Cooperation concluded on April 8, 2015. At the time representatives of “Armastek” Company together with the Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev visited Thailand, where an agreement was reached to promote the composite fiberglass reinforcement in the local market.

Cooperation in science and technology is one of the most promising areas of collaborative Russian-Thai work; and the interaction of SPC Armastek with PanjawattanaPlastic became an important link in the development of this cooperation between the two countries.

Business in Thailand is developing successfully, and Russian companies that have come to the Thai market present projects that are beneficial for both sides. Tourism, restaurant business, real estate and consulting services – there are many successful areas, and high technologies are no exception. Thus, “Armastek” expects not only growing incomes, but also a positive impact on the economy of Thailand.